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“The White Guitar’s story is truly a theatrical masterpiece” – TheatreScenes

It was great sitting down this evening with a much more representative cross section of New Zealanders in the audience than we often see at the theatre.  The diehard theatregoers that had heard good things about the show were there, alongside the supportive extended Luafutu family and Samoan contingent.  In addition there were the rap fans that either wanted to see Scribe perform again, check out his acting prowess, or those that were merely inquisitive as to what he and his family had to say.

The White Guitar is not just the story of the Malo Luafutu aka Scribe’s rags to semi-riches experience but a brutal and honest catalogue of the effects of immigration, violence, drugs, family, religion, decline and redemption for generations of a family struggling to survive and more importantly, to find a voice despite the curve balls that life throws them.

“The White Guitar’s story is truly a theatrical masterpiece that will haunt me for a long time to come, accentuated by its intensity and authenticity.”

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