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“Through creativity and catharsis, The White Guitar sends a message of strength and healing.” – On Magazine

“I represent the thousand souls that never made it this far,” Malo Luafutu (best known as Scribe) explained at the opening of the 2016 season of The White Guitar at Hannah Playhouse last night. Directed by Nina Nawalowalo and Jim Moriarty and presented by The Conch and Tourmakers, The White Guitar is a living history told by Scribe, his father (Fa’amoana John Luafutu) and brother (Matthias Luafutu). The show weaves the stories of the Luafutu family and their journeys between Samoa and New Zealand; real and raw rites of passage through love, hardship and darkness towards redemption. It’s an important and powerful play in which the central metaphor – the white kikala – symbolises its theme of salvation through truth and music.

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