Encounter the sacred beauty of the forests of Fiji, the Solomons, Samoa and Aotearoa

If the whole worlds’ history so far was condensed to one day,
human beings would appear at 11.58pm. 
In the last minute of that day we would have destroyed 78% of the worlds ancient forests.

Marama draws five actors from five parts of the Pacific, all highborn women of their indigenous culture and carriers of their cultural knowledge – in the Fijian Language MARAMA.

Building on the international acclaim of previous works Vula and Masi, Marama is a powerful call from women of the Pacific – the voices of a vanishing world. The devastating effects of deforestation on their homelands and culture are brought startlingly to life through waiata, chants, dances and rituals gracefully and magically performed.

A world-class creative team joins Director Nina Nawalowalo: award winning Italian Lighting Designer Fabiana Piccioli (long term collaborator with Choreographer Akram Khan), Composer Gareth Farr, Original Set designer Nicole Cosgrove, Remount Set Designer John Verryt and Costume Designer Seraphina Tausilia

One day, on a local bus, we stopped where there were no signs and a lady stepped off the bus, left the road and walked into the forest, swiftly disappearing into the trees. It struck me deeply that this was a powerful metaphor, that the edge of the forest was like this woman’s reality, a place where worlds meet, from which she steps into the world of others and returns into her own…that the forest conceals and protects, shelters, like her body, the inner life hidden from view. I began to see this in the Pacific women I met, that in response to the world of others, much has been taken into a deeper place where few know the pathways.
Nina Nawalowalo Artistic Director